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Transferring your data and settings from the old PC to the new PC
Now you have a brand new computer - how do you get all of your files and settings across from the old one to the new one? The task of transferring files and settings to your new PC is a relatively simple one but it can still be a bit daunting to the novice. You may need to use quite a few CD's or DVD's if you have a lot of data including music, movies and photo collections. You can also use an external Hard Drive, USB Pen Drives, existing networking or purchase a special USB data transfer cable to get the job done.


Why not get us to do the transfer for you?
If you'd rather not take on the task of data transfer yourself, we'd be happy to help.
We'll copy your important documents, photo, music and movie collections to the new machine for you with a minimum of fuss. Set your email account/s up and get you connected so you can get on with things.
At the same time, if your old PC is going to go to a new owner you can have us 'securely wipe' the hard drive on the old machine so your data is inaccessible. Just ask. 

Can programs be copied to the new PC?
Generally, they cannot * - you would require the original installation files (usually from a disc or download) to create a fresh installation on the new machine**.
Usually we can then copy the data files to the new machine and import them into the program. For example, the data from a Family Tree program could be transferred and imported after installing the program on the new PC. That way you wouldn't have to manually re-enter all the information you'd put in previously. Please ask for more info.

* We've successfully transferred some programs using special 'relocation' software but only from Windows 98/ME/2000 to XP or XP to XP. No software for Windows 7 is available for this purpose.

** Please make sure your program is Windows 7 compatible if your new PC comes with Windows 7. You may need to acquire an update if it is available.



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