Laptop repair and upgrades

laptop repairs & upgrades

In addition to desktop PC repairs, the following laptop (notebook) specific repair services are available at our workshop:


  • Laptop hardware testing and troubleshooting
  • DC Power Socket (Jack) repair and replacement
  • Laptop Hard Drive replacements and upgrades
  • Laptop Memory (RAM) replacements and upgrades
  • Data & Settings Transfer between desktop to laptop or laptop to laptop
  • Laptop Screen issues, overheating, broken USB ports and more
  • BIOS Password removal (from most laptops)


Isn't laptop repair expensive?
Generally hardware related problems on laptops cost more to repair since more labour/skill is involved and parts are dearer in comparison to those for desktop PC's.
However, depending on the problem, the repair could cost as little as £40.00. If the notebook is repairable and the client decides not to go ahead with the repair, a diagnostic/disassembly fee of £20.00 is payable.


The socket where the laptop charger plugs into the unit is broken - can it be fixed?
This is a very common fault caused by bad design and/or rough handling of the laptop/notebook computer.
Most laptop DC power sockets/jacks are soldered directly to the motherboard. Sideways pressure on the plug caused by pulling (e.g. tripping over) the cable or by knocking the plug can cause the internal DC socket to be damaged or broken off the motherboard.
The laptop charging socket may not always be broken - sometimes it only needs re-soldering to the motherboard.

Faulty power jack symptoms include:
» Movement of the power plug causes the power/battery-charge light to go out
» Visibly broken DC socket or socket pushed right into unit
» Laptop won't charge but works until battery runs out (can also be a charger problem)
» Sparking from area where the power lead plugs into the laptop

The manufacturers and suppliers will usually tell you the motherboard needs replacement which can cost hundreds of pounds, but...
Most DC Jacks can be replaced (or repaired if it's just the solder that's broken). Repairing broken DC sockets on notebooks is not in itself a particularly difficult task - the worst part of the job is the disassembly and re-assembly of the laptop! The whole job will normally take between 3-4 hours to complete.

Replacement DC power sockets for laptops vary in cost between manufacturers and models so the total repair cost including labour will usually be between £60.00 - £85.00.
New parts (sockets) will always be used, except in cases where the part is not damaged and only requires re-soldering.

The success rate for typical DC Socket repair is about 90%. With a repair cost of less than £85, you have nothing to lose!

Broken USB Ports
Laptop USB ports seem to get damaged more frequently than those of their desktop counterparts, perhaps as laptops tend to get moved around while USB plugs and devices like Flash Drives and Wireless Dongles are plugged in, wires get tripped over and plugs get bumped.
Sockets can also be damaged by using excessive force when inserting USB plugs and dongles.

If a socket is damaged, one or more of the four metal electrical contacts inside may be bent, and/or the plastic (or porcelain) insulator may be broken.
The other frequent scenario is where the solder points that hold the USB ports casing get broken, causing the whole port assembly to become loose. In either case, this can cause an electrical short and damage the motherboard. If you suspect USB port problems, disconnect power completely from the laptop by unplugging the AC adaptor and removing the battery.

Repairing Laptop USB Ports

You may have several options if one of your ports is damaged. 

  • It's usually possible to remove the insulator and the metal contacts so you have one unusable USB port and if done properly, you eliminate the possibility of a short which could damage your motherboard. (Remove all power from the laptop before trying this)
  • If you need more ports you can use a PCMCIA (or Cardbus) - USB card
  • If an addon USB card is not an option (e.g. you are already using an addon card for a different purpose and you have no space or you don't want something sticking out of the side of the laptop) we may be able to replace your USB port/s for you.


As with broken DC sockets, the manufacturer of the laptop will not usually replace just the broken USB port, they will change the entire motherboard if you send it to them for repair.
More likely than not, the manufacturer will consider damage to DC sockets and USB ports to be the fault of the consumer and as such this sort of repair will not be covered by warranty.

USB Sockets differ from laptop to laptop in shape, size and configuration. We can source most replacements but we may need to open your laptop to determine what part it needs before we can be sure it's one we can replace.

* If unit is still under warranty, please try to get your repair done by the supplier/manufacturer since any disassembly we perform will most likely invalidate your warranty. DC Socket/Jack repairs are performed at the clients own risk. Where the the motherboard itself has been damaged, repair may be very costly or un-economical. We will advise the client in these situations before continuing.




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